Plasterboard Intertenancy Shaft Wall Systems


25mm Thick Gypsum Lining between interlocking Steel studs IT wall system. Installed between Timber framing and plasterboard lining to the eachside.

Global Linings are professionals at installing a range of Plasterboard Shaftwall systems including;

– Winstones Gib Intertenancy Barrierline System
– USG Partiwall Separating System
– CSR Gyprock Party Wall System

Services Provided:

Estimating/Pricing wall systems from plans and preliminary Architectural drawings for budgeting/tendering.

Site measure and ordering of all products from Brackets, Straps, Steel tracks, 25mm Plasterboard linings, 16mm Fyreline, Screws, Fire Sealants, Pallett Covers and all other consumables required.

Professional installers who are able to put the entire system together and Full QA process for hand over.

Supply and Install the outter layer of plasterboard systems (depending on FRR/STC rating required)

Stopping walls for Level 4–5 Finish as required.

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Benefits of Plasterboard Shaft wall IT Wall System

  • Cost-effective and fast to construct
  • Modified core for additional water and mould resistance
  • No wet trades required
  • No additional trades required at framing stage
  • Conventional installation of internal linings at plastering stage
  • High fire protection and noise control performance (60 – 90 minute FRR and – STC 59-68)
  • No acoustic or fire sealing required where services penetrate wall linings, within limitations
  • Cost effective
  • BRANZ appraised
  • Narrow footprint, maximise the available tenancy of each unit
  • Lightweight construction, no need for specific foundation designs
  • Easy and fast to install, no additional trades required for installation